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Visual adventures of an unrepentant nerd and convention organizer.

About Terry Chu

Terry Chu, occasionally known to the convention community as Doc Stampede, has been involved with numerous anime conventions for over 20 years without losing his sense of fun and excitement. Wielding camera, good staff and a smart plan, he has been the method to the madness behind many curtains.  He has had the pleasure of working with incredibly dedicated fans, skilled artists, and the occasional rabid attendee.  Yes, he has in fact been almost crushed to death by Japanese fangirls, which may sound like a dream to many but is truly not.

Terry is happy to have been involved with Otakon for 20 years, including multiple stints on the organizing board and two shifts as Conchair (2004 and 2013). He was also co-chair of the inaugural Otakon Vegas (2014), and the head of anime programming for the first New York Comic Con (2006).

When not working with shows, Terry spends his days commenting on the state of the anime community, photographing the world, and generally eating and oversharing on social media.

Newest Galleries

Sunseen Li, VKS, and Natasha

Sunseen Li wanted to work with me on some boudoir themed shoots, playing with two popular internet themes going around in 2017, the "VKS" and the regular fan favorite, Natasha Romanoff.   I was happy to oblige.   See these two new galleries in her category page in the galleries.

Otakon Lolita Garden

Friday night at Otakon 2017, I was able to get away from my duties for just enough time to meet my friends at the Marriott, outside the Lolita Garden. We found a nice piece of art with plenty of artificial light, so we did an impromptu shoot. Hard to believe this is 4 levels below the street. Camera Geekery - Shot with my Canon 6D and my 85 f/1.8 set to f/2.5, post processing via Lightroom.

John Lennon Themed Shoot

Sunseen Li approached me last year and asked me to help her shoot one of her monthly theme photos, an homage to the classic Lennon NYC photos.   I gladly helped, and we spent a half day wandering around looking for roofs and locales to take photos.   These are a little more heavily processed than I usually like to produce, but the results are pretty on par I think.

Talk to me.

Terry is available to chat about conventions and photography.   Please reach out via contact form, or try sending him an email at hey@whatchulookingat.com anytime.